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"We wrote the family history in a few hours and we were very happy and moved with the result. I recommend it."

Amerigo L.

"I have not only found valid interlocutors, people with whom to work well, but also good people, I don't ask for more."

Roberto G.

"I actually started flipping through a scrapbook of family memories, but I found myself in my hand with so much more, it is an unforgettable human experience."

Stella A

Welcome to Remember me

Memories are the memory of the heart.

Immersed in the material reality of everyday life we ​​are mistakenly led to think that everything is reduced to what we see and touch, while it is evident that the memories and the memory of our loved ones go beyond our time.
We rediscover the beauty of memory when we receive a call from a friend we have not heard for a long time and whom, perhaps, we had forgotten a little. Remembering means carrying in the heart.
This site aims to preserve the memories of loved ones, re-establishing the bonds we have with friends, relatives or simple acquaintances and carry the memories and memories beyond time to future generations.

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Because Remember me?

The Remember Me platform was designed for anyone who wishes to enclose memories in a treasure chest that will remain in the memory of future generations.

Life is made up of events, contacts and relationships with people who sometimes leave traces and even indelible memories. Contact is closeness, meeting, union, relationship, relationship, connection, bond, knowledge, friendship between two or more people. Contact, in particular, allows us to communicate, to enter into a relationship with the other. The more the person is known to us, the more qualified and profound is the relationship that unites us to him with the memory of him. How many times do we retrace the footsteps of people we love and esteem whom we consider an example for us. From these considerations comes the initiative to create a platform that, using the web, intends to connect and tell memories, reminiscences and memories of people who have left a mark in our life. A defined space where you can find distant affections and others that we have lost and that we feel close to, but that we want to remember. A place to nourish the memory and honor with a voice, an image, a story, the constant, silent, secure presence of our loved ones and people close to us. The portal is aimed at those who were there, are there and, now will be there forever.

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